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Welcome to HD-Zone! You can download and register the Remote Desktop client for Amiga compatible systems!


Update July 7, 2024

Please note the latest beta version will work with Windows 10 (and possibly 11) with some limitations.  The 68k version will run on OS4.

Update: November 9, 2021

I have put my old site back online!  I was getting annoyed with WordPress, plus I moved to a new NAS/Server and migrating the existing site was not really working. I will continue to update this site to add back missing content.  Note that we continue to work on Remote Desktop that will work with Windows 10.  When it is ready I will post a download link here.  In the meantime you can donate to help  motivate the developer.  Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! It is much appreciated and 100% of all donations are passed directly to the developer! 

Over the next days and weeks I will update the site to include some of the missing information.  Stay tuned!  And thanks for your patience! -Darren


Legacy information from Old site:

Remote Desktop Client  For MorphOS, PowerPC binary.

Remote Desktop Client  For Amiga OS 4.x, PowerPC binary.  

Remote Desktop Client  For Amiga OS 3.x and compatible systems, 68k binary.

Remote Desktop has been tested on the following operating environments:



Remote Desktop has been tested to work with Windows 7 beta!  Note that the final release of Windows 7 will require Windows 7 Professional or Business/Enterprise for incoming Remote Desktop connections.

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