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MBM-Net is a companion program to Motherboard Monitor 5.  It allows you to monitor computers on your network and display information such as CPU temperature, system temperature, and fan speeds.  That way you can see the status of your machines in one convenient window instead of remote desktop"ing" into each machine and checking! You can monitor any computer on your home network or over the internet using MBM-Net! Up to 255 machines are supported!

Update:         May 27, 2005. Site is now in it's new location!

Update:         September 9, 2003 - New Version 1.2 released (see download section)
                      I recommend you install and use the latest Motherboard Monitor 5 with MBM-Net.

Thank you to the NT 4 users who responded confirming MBM-Net works on Windows NT!

 If you download and use MBM-Net, please consider making a donation...
 ...this will ensure continued development!
Thank you!                                   


Version 1.2 features

You can now save the window size and position.  Click on Tools/Options after resizing and then click Save.

Version 1.1 features

Fixed displaying of sensors in wrong order
Now minimizes to system tray
Removed width and height restriction
Packet/byte display moved to left edge, so if you shrink the width of the window you can still see the packet/byte counter.
Tray icon now displayed
Fixed sizing of scroll bar - it could have been cut off if using 1024x768 or lower resolution

Bugs fixed: The first sensor name and value sent was not being displayed in the first column, but as the last column.  This bug is now fixed, but will most likely require you to re-order your sensors in MBM5.

Version 1.0 features

Now natively supported by Motherboard Monitor 5.  No need to use any plugins.
Displays any sensor name and value you want - supports all temperature, fan, and voltage readouts.
Supports monitoring of up to 255 machines over a local area network or the Internet.
Monitor your Mom's computer temps!
Automatically recognizes machines when they come on the air - no configuration required.
UDP port configurable.
Shows bytes and packets received to easily see network traffic.
Works with Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000 and XP.
Requires Motherboard Monitor for proper operation.  Download Motherboard Monitor here.

Screenshot of Version 1.1 showing 3 machines connected:


Download MBM-Net 1.2 (September 9, 2003)

Download MBM-Net 1.1 (June 16,2003)

Download MBM-Net 1.0 (June 10,2003)

If you are interested in seeing further development of this program please consider donating using the PayPal button at the top of this page.

Installation Requirements

You must have Motherboard Monitor (at least version, but version is recommended) running on all machines that MBM-Net will collect information from.

You may also require the following files (included):


If you have problems starting MBM-Net please copy these files into your c:\windows\system32 folder, reboot and try again.

Configuring Motherboard Monitor 5

Start Motherboard Monitor 5.
Right click on MBM's system tray icon and selecting Settings.
Click on Interval & Syslog.
Click on Syslog (near top right).
Check off "Enable Syslog".
Under Syslog Host Address, type the IP address of the machine you are running MBM-Net on.
Adjust the SysLog Interval. Recommended Interval: 30 seconds.
Click Apply.

Repeat these steps for each computer you want MBM-Net to monitor. You may monitor up to 255 machines.

Running MBM-Net

Make sure you have configured Motherboard Monitor 5 before continuing...

Download and unzip the MBM-Net archive to any folder on your computer. 
Double click on the MBM-Net icon to start. 
The machines should show up automatically in the MBM-Net window.
You may want to adjust the sensors in MBM5 so all the sensors for each machine are in the correct order.


Question: CPU1 shows up as the last line in one of the rows in MBM-Net, although I am not sending any CPU information.

Answer: This was fixed in release 1.1 of MBM-Net.  Please download version 1.1.

Question:  When one of my machines goes off the air, MBM5 will crash.

Answer: This is a bug in MBM .  The author is working on a fix that should be available in the next release of MBM5.

Question: I see nothing in the MBM-Net window?


Check the IP address of the computer MBM-Net is running on. Make sure it is the same IP Address you have used
in Motherboard Monitor 5's Syslog setup.

Make sure the port (under Tools/Options) is the same as the port configured in Motherboard Monitor 5.

Make sure your ISP or firewall is not blocking that port.

Try pinging the other machines to see if they are reachable from your machine and vice versa.

Question: The sensors show up but in different order for different machines?

Answer: You have to configure all of the sensors in Motherboard Monitor 5. The CPU temperature might be sensor 1
on one machine, and Sensor 2 on another. Configure Motherboard Monitor 5 so Sensor 1 is CPU temperature on both
machines. You may have to do this for other sensors as well.  The sensors are sent to MBM-Net in the order (from top to
bottom) as seen in the Motherboard Monitor 5 Syslog setup.

Question: I made a change to the Motherboard Monitor 5 configuration but it is not displaying that change in MBM-Net?

Answer: Close and restart MBM-Net. Close and restart Motherboard Monitor 5.

Possible features for version 2.0:

  • Alarm notification
  • Improved GUI, possibly grid with an icon representation status
  • User Suggestions

This page and MBM-Net are copyright 2003 Darren Eveland. All Rights Reserved.


MBM-Net support: darrenhd @ gmail dot com

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