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Amithlon Kernel Information
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Below you can download updated Kernels for Amithlon and the associated Drivers.

Note: these kernels were written by Gary Colville. I take no responsilibity for them at all. I am only providing them for download.  Please visit his web page and make sure you make a donation to him!

Gary Colville's 3.10 Updated Amithlon Kernel and Drivers.  

3.10 Kernel Download.  0.90 Drivers Download.

Release Date: September 10, 2006

Support for more GeForce FX models (5700, 5100, etc)

Support for GeForce PCX PCI-Express cards.

General bug fixes to the GeForce and Radeon drivers.

SATA support  for VIA 8237 and NVidia NForce 3/4 chipsets.

Gigabit ethernet via the VIA 6120 & 6122 Velocity chips.

Ethernet driver for NForce 3/4 chipsets.

Support for more AC97 audio codecs.

More detailed information on supported products for the 3.10 Kernel: motherboards, graphic cards, network cards.


Gary Colville's 2.04 Standard Kernel download

Release date : 3rd April 2004

For all systems NOT using the NForce 2 chipset. The experimental Radeon driver is present, but the memory limit code isn't as it still is not working correctly. 

Other features of this kernel:

Hardware-accelerated GeForce 4 Ti driver with full resolution and refresh-rate control.

Non-accelerated GeForce 4 MX driver with full resolution and refresh-rate support.

IDE DMA/UDMA now functions on these chipsets: VIA KT333, KT400, KT400A, KT600 and nVidia nForce 2 (with nForce kernel only).

Gary Colville's 2.04 NForce2-chipset Kernel download

Release date : 3rd April 2004

For NForce2-based systems only. Features are the same as standard kernel, but this one also has NForce2 chipset support including on-board sound, IDE DMA, and Networking.

Older Kernels by Gary

Release date: unknown

Gary Colville's 2.03 Kernel Standard download
Gary Colville's 2.03 Kernel Nforce2 download

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Drivers 0.86 download

Release date : 7th Feb 2004 - I believe these work with the 2.04 or 2.03 kernels.

Optional Linux-side drivers for use with the kernels. These replace the drivers found in the Contrib3b pack and add support for, among others things:

A wide range of AC-97 codecs including the ALC650, AD1890 and VIA VT1616.

Audio support functions in the Intel ICH4, VIA 8235/8237 and nVidia MCP south bridge chips.

Broadcom 44xx 100MBit LAN chips.

nVidia nForce2 integrated LAN.

Note: You must have the Contrib3b pack, or Amithlon Update installed to use this.

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PCIList download

Release date : 11th November 2003

A little utility to scan the system for PCI device names and ID codes.

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Amithlon useful Links

Official Amithlon/AmigaOS XL Update from H&P: Download
Bernie Meyer's Amithlon pages: http://www.amithlon.net
Amithlon updates from Bernie Meyer: http://www.amithlon.net/en/amithlon_updates.shtml
Bernie Meyer's Umilator pages: http://www.umilator.net/blog/
Harald Frank's Amithlon pages and updates: http://www.vmc.de/amithlon/index.html
Amithlon Update package assembled by Guido Mersmann: Download (read me)
AmithlonOpen mailing list: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/amithlonopen/
Amithlon/AmigaOSXL FAQ at H&P: http://www.haage-partner.de/amigaxl/support-faq-e.html
Short history of Amithlon: http://amiga.emugaming.com/emulators/amithlon.html
Amithlon 2.0 (Umilator) press release: http://amiga.emugaming.com/press/amithlon.html
Umilator Feature List: http://www.umilator.net/blog/features.shtml
Gary Colville's Amithlon Kernel page: http://www.garycvl.f2s.com/amithlon.html

Note: As of October 2006, Umilator has never been released either commercially or as shareware/freeware.

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