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Currently phase 5 digital products of Germany is the only company close to releasing PowerPC ugprades for Amigas. The boards are based on a dual CPU concept to ensure 100% compatibility with existing applications and of course the Amiga Operating System. Software wishing to take advantage of the super-fast PowerPC cpus must be re-compiled. Please look at the table below for information on specific PowerUP configurations:

PowerUP Model
Clock Speed
68k requirement
For Amiga
CyberStorm PPC  150-233MHz 68040 or 060 (technical data) 3000(T) or 4000(T)
Blizzard PPC 603e 175MHz 68030 (technical data) 1200(T)
Blizzard PPC 603e+ 200MHz 68040 or 060 (technical data) 1200(T)
Blizzard PPC 2604 150-200MHz 68040 or 060 (technical data)  1500 or 2000

NEW: Release date for PowerPC cards from phase 5 is second week of September, 1997.

In addition, phase 5 will offer a special graphics card for the Cyberstorm PPC models based on a powerful Permedia graphics chip. The card will connect to a special expansion connector on the CyberStorm and thus provide super-fast access between the PowerPC cpu and the Permedia chip. Of course CyberGraphX PPC-enhanced will ship with the CyberStorm PPC cards. For additional information please visit phase 5's CyberStorm PPC Graphics page.

PowerPC Amiga Software (updated: June 3, 1997)
Readme File
Download from Aminet (USA)
SuperView NG
7.00 May-26-1997
Personal Paint PPC blitter
new: GVP-M to release PPC board?
Rumours are swirling that GVP-m (http://www.gvp-m.com/) are working on a PowerPC accelerator board.  Details are sketchy at this point, but keep checking back for more information.
PowerPC Links

PowerUP Home Page nicely done page in sweden with lots of Amiga PowerPC information

PIOS Computer AG Computer firm that will release a PowerPC based CHRP system

Prodad German firm working on an Amiga-like PowerPC OS, pOS

Motorola PowerPC Home Page


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