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Older Amiga News and Developments (updated: March 19, 1998)

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NEW: Amiga 98 text report (sorry my camera broke on the first day).  here!
Check out my Awesome computer 97 report!! Click here!
Myst is shipping! http://www.clickboom.com/ to order!
Visit Pro-Dev's new and updated web site and check out Mavi and Probench! http://www.pro-dev.com/
Page has moved to http://www.uoguelph.ca/~develand/68060.html
Haage and Partner release their WarpOS for PowerPC boards. http://www.haage-partner.com/
Amiga Commentary for September 19, 1997. Click here.
Phase 5 Cyberstorm PowerPC boards are shipping! Currently the 200MHz 604e version is shipping.  This board is available with or without a 68060 chip.  No reports yet of any boards reaching north america, but they are expected shortly.
Is GVP-M producing a PPC board for Amiga? Ask them on http://www.gvp-m.com/
Latest phase 5 ship date for PowerUP cards is September, 1997.
It seems 2 entirely different versions of a 68060.library have shipped with the Quikpak 060 card!!
Visit GVP-M's web page! http://www.gvp-m.com/
FUSION, Microcode Solution's new Mac Emulator, seems not to work well with quikpak 060 cards.
Quikpak has a new web page: http://www.quikpak.com/
 Amiga Commentary for August 11, 1997. Click here.
 OXYPatcher is NOW AVAILABLE! Details here.
 Gateway 2000 CEO Rick Snyder resigns! See the "what's new" section at http://www.gw2k.com/.
 Gateway 2000 responds to Lotus Pacific Corporation on Chinese Amiga rights. Here.
 Software Hut, an American Amiga Distributor, says it will be receiving PowerUP cards on August 3rd. Here.
 Malasian Amiga Developments and a mention of OS 3.5, here.
 Computer City to distribute AMIGA range of computers in Benelux. Click here for details.
 http://www.amigasupport.com/ seems to be down. Can you get on it?
RECENT: Phase 5 to Ship PowerPC cards at end of July, 1997.
RECENT: Amiga Commentary for July 9, 1997. Click here.
RECENT: Blittersoft has released FUSION, a new mac emulator that supports Virtual Memory!
RECENT: The Industry Council Steering Committee has contacted Gateway 2000 and is awaiting their response!
RECENT: Want to see my A4000T setup? Click here for some pictures!.
RECENT: Index Information gets AMIGA license! Click here.
RECENT: Dan Reynold's A4000T Floppy port modification. Click here.
RECENT: A4000T Resource Page! Click here.
RECENT: Very nice Real 3D Resource Page. Click here.
RECENT: Amiga Technologies's message to Australian Amiga Show. Click here.
RECENT: Latest date for phase 5's PowerPC ship date is July 7, 1997.
RECENT: Report and Pictures from National Amiga's Open House, by Fleecy Moss. Click here.
RECENT: Very positive article and Interveiw with Petro Tyschyschenko. Click here.
RECENT: Quikpak desktop A4060D accelerator was never produced (more info later).
RECENT: Long Amiga article in an Australian Newspaper.
RECENT: Micronik Computer of Germany gets official Amiga License.
RECENT: National Amiga's Open House is on Saturday June 21st.
RECENT: Phase 5 PowerUP cards are delayed until early July.
RECENT: According to a usenet post, which has an E-mail reply from Petro Tyschtschenko inside, Amiga International have a new Manager of R&D (From Gateway 2000), and also another Amiga Engineer hired. Please check their web page for details.
RECENT: Coenobium Development's new hand-optimized 68060.library works with all 060 boards (inc. Quikpak 060)!
OLDER: Commentary for June 4, 1997
OLDER: Our Power PC Support page is on-line ! Check it out here.
OLDER: Amiga International's FTP site is back up! Check out the new SCSI, FFS, IDE, and SetPatch betas !
OLDER: Jump to the Amiga Commentary May 22, 1997 
OLDER: VaporWare releases Voyager 2.88.
OLDER: New issue of The Lair On-Line Amiga Magazine, with Carl Sassenrath Interview.
OLDER: Interview with Ted Waitt, CEO of Gateway 2000. Click here.
OLDER: World of Amiga Pictures
OLDER: World of Amiga Press Release by Gateway 2000.
OLDER: Text of World of Amiga Speech by Petro Tyschtschenko, Managing Director of AMIGA International.
OLDER: Amiga Game publisher ClickBoom announces PowerPC support for upcoming games, starting with Myst. Click here to read.
OLDER: Join the Amiga 4000T mailing list! Details here.
OLDER: CU-Amiga has new phase 5 PowerPC News! Visit them here.
OLDER: Amiga Commentary (News/Opinion) for May 6, 1997
OLDER: World of Amiga UK show on May 17 and 18th in London, UK. The official WWW site is here.
 OXYpatcher page is finally on-line! Click here.
Gateway 2000 and Quikpak have a meeting.
 PIOS Computer has updated their web page with more information about their upcoming PPC models. See http://www.pios.de/
 We have moved the page to http://tdg.res.uoguelph.ca/~darren/68060.html
 Motorola announces the 300MHz 603e PowerPC chip. Read all about it here.
 Page has been renamed 68060/PPC Support and News Page.
 IRC Conference logfile with Dave Haynie and Dr. Peter Kittel from Trier, Germany.
Pictures and Quicktime movies from the recent Amiga Show in Trier, Germany.
 Latest Note from Amiga Technologies (International) about their plans for the future.
 Visit Coenobium Developments for some interesting 68060 utilities.
 I am looking for someone to translate this page to GERMAN. Anyone interested?
 OXYpatcher results are in! See the table at the bottom of this page for comparisons with CyberPatcher!
Want info on the Blizzard 1260 card from phase 5? Visit the Unofficial Blizzard 1260 page.
Click here for a nice Picasso IV page. (Courtesy Jens Langner). 
Eagle Computer to use Quikpak 68060 card. Click here to read about it. 
Quikpak statement on Gateway 2000. Click here to read it. 
ShapeShifter work-around! Yes it is true! See Problems section below! 
Some Fujitsu EIDE drives do not work with the A4000T's IDE controller. 
Gateway 2000 to purchase Amiga! Read the 2 press releases:  Here and Here
You may also be interested in Yahoo's current Gateway 2000 press releases. 
A utility similar to CyberPatcher will soon be available for other 

060 cards! See OXYpatcher on Oxyron's page! (note: information on OXYpatcher will appear soon in their site.) 

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